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Mzansi Angered After This Young Woman Goes Back To Her Abusive Boyfriend

A beautiful young woman left people speechless when she went back to her abusive boyfriend, after he landed her into hospital.

“September 27, she posted the picture of her in the hospital. 56 days later she posted this picture of them together with this story.”

A tweep left this comment, “It's "nobody is perfect" for me that she is using to sugar-coat how physically abusive her man is.

You beat me like that, I don't care how long we been together, I am leaving you same time and getting a restraining order. Beating up a woman isn't an imperfection.”

Sadly this is the norm majority of people in abusive relationships don't leave, they go back even after a near-death experience.

It's like the abuse causes some sort of disturbed the victims thinking. It's like the Stockholm syndrome is tripled in our generation I tell you.

Most toxic relationships are caused by an excess of love. Which leads to obsession. These guys and girls barely do anything outside their relationships. As a guy, you'll miss that paranoid obsessed girl, that calls 20 times to check on you, when you date a girl that barely calls

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