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A couple celebrates their beautiful anniversary on luncheon. Check their pictures

They are celebrating their anniversary for all the years they have been together and they are having a beautiful child. Their child would grow up seeing that as a couple or married people, you should be celebrating the anniversary you have reached. It is a good influence on their daughter to have two parents who loves her. The type of lifestyle you are choosing is important.

You have to think of the child you are having even though you may not be together anymore, because your child will be aware of how you are living. Are you setting a good example for your children, even though you are not aware of the life he or she will choose when she is older. What is a reality is that many people can't celebrate a huge anniversary.

Many people have had their relationships or marriages coming to an end in less than five years and sometimes it comes from the company you are keeping. When it comes to social media, people have to be careful because many people are struggling to have something they want because of following social media influencers.

Many people who are not on social media to look at what people are doing may survive because they are focusing on their lifestyle that will be better for themselves and not to impress people on social media. Some people hate to be told the truth and they just want to be the last person to do something, following their lead.

No one may be perfect, but when it comes to choosing a lifestyle, you have a choice to make. If you don't want to do something, you should be able to stand by it and let those who want to do it continue. If you do want to consume alcoholic beverages, that is a good choice and should not be convince to join them even though you are happy where you are.

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