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Men are slow these days trends on Twitter: See what people are posting

There is a raging debate that is going on Twitter right now under the hashtag, men are slow these days. On one side single ladies are complaining that single men are spoiling the dating game. Men are still using the old syllabus of dating, miss the golden opportunity to convince a lady that he is the one in the first few days of meeting up.

On the other side, we have a man putting a spirited defense of their old gentleman dating tricks. After many heroes fall to the same "I misinterpret the signs" mantra it seems like men nowadays are taking on a long shot. More so, men argue that the long game eliminates ladies who see dating as a get rich quick scheme.

More so, a long game will provide enough time to see the true character of a lady before the emotional connections kick in and subdue the brain's reasoning capacity.

Do you agree that men are slow these days?

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