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Stay away from men who want fast money, here is why : opinion

Stop being with men who's only care in the world is chasing money by any means necessary, they usually look rich but are morally bankrupt.

These are the men who expect you to ride or die with them and will sacrifice you to save themselves.

Many women end up in jail or 6ft deep because of messing with men in certain lifestyles. It seems fun now but living fast gets old.

These type men are always chasing what is new and shiny, while leaving a trail of destruction behind them. They are not marriage material.

These men are always on the go, whether that is on the road or in and out of jail. They often have multiple homes and families.

Usually they use women to get to the top. They do not want to get a job or work hard to build something sustainable, they want fast money and nothing good comes from this.

These kind of men are always working on some kind of scam or scheme to make a quick buck. Nothing consistent. No stable legacy or values to leave the children.

Nothing to be proud of. Securing the bag is the goal but not at the cost of your freedom or soul. Choose wisely.

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