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RhythmCity: Banele Dropped a Bombshell at Mapula

Mapula started dating a blessed when she had finacial problems ,there was no one to take care of her as Sabelo was not earning much from his job and was unable to sustain all her needs.

Before she dated Gift ,she was dating Banele who is of her same age and they schooling together, thing were going well for the young couple until Mapula went to look for an accomodation for Banele as he was struggling and had no place to stay. The courage she had was unbelievable, the landlord who is Gift her bleser ,said that the only way he was going to give Banele the accomodation was if she agreed to do anything for him.

She had no choice ,she wanted to help her boyfriend so hard and couldn't afford to see him suffer . She did what needed to be done . They started dating until Banele finds out ,Mapula had lost control over her life but she did manage to broke things off with Gift after a very long time .Banele couldn't take her back because she cheated on him.

Now Banele is dating Kea of which Mapula was not even aware of. Mapula was ready for the love back between her and Banele but out of the blue ,Banele dropped a bombshell on Mapula ,he told her that he is inlove with Kea and it's been weeks seeing each other.

This is a deal breaker for Mapula,she will surely have a breakdown and possibly depression leading to her failing her exams. The sister's relationship is now gone . Banele should be told the reason why she cheated on him in the first place . Then we will see if he will still treat Mapula like some dirt

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