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Reasons Why You Should Not Marry These Women: Police Women, Nurses, Lawyers, Tv News Anchors/present

There are some professions you should not consider marrying ladies from when looking for decent wives. Police women, TV news anchors, nurses, attorneys, and politicians don't make good wives for shocking reasons. This research was carried out between February 2015 and February 2016 by prominent marriage specialists.

Police Officer

The husband of a policewoman is warned, "Unless you want to rot in jail," when he attempts to raise his hand. A policewoman is exceedingly difficult to control unless you have some kind of skill that may negate her abilities.

These women's seldom presence at home to prepare meals for the spouse is another evident reason why they wouldn't make excellent wives. When you are about to fall asleep, she receives a call requiring that she report to work. Additionally, your wife is moved to difficult places just as you're going to relocate to a city.


Like NUNS, the nursing profession is a calling. These people are constantly available to care for patients who are both stable and in critical conditions. They are frigid in bed because the psychological agony they endure causes them to lose interest in bedroom activities. It is also said that on-duty nurses make friends with doctors. Thus, the nurse and her "boyfriend," the doctor, are warming a hospital room together while the spouse heats the bed by himself. I've seen some nurses doze off with patients in the past. 40% of nurses—some of whom are HIV positive—sleep with their patients.


Lawyers are influential members of society. Marry a female lawyer if you want to lose your house, your possessions, your kids, and possibly even your entire life. Your odds of having a terrible life are very high if your wife is an activist. The ability of female lawyers to readily deceive you when making investments or purchasing real estate is an intriguing quality of these professionals. Since lawyers are accustomed to handling cases, even if her spouse attempts to discipline her, he will be reminded that courts do in fact exist. Therefore, a man will be forced to live as a slave.


The worst spouses to marry are those.

TV presenters are quite attractive, and since they are seen on televisions every day, their chances of grabbing the attention of the powerful are very good. You should realize that ladies are unable to resist wealth and power. Therefore, the likelihood that she will accept advances from a wealthy person, even if she is married, is almost 100%.

The affluent man will elope with his wife, leaving the impoverished husband to die of depression. You need to be powerful and wealthy in order to control these girls.


Women are in politics everywhere. Finding a female politician who is happily married and faithful is exceedingly difficult; if she is faithful, there is often a problem.

Since these politicians also pass laws, there is a very significant likelihood that they will intimidate wives. Female Instructors: Research has shown that good wives can only be found among teachers. A man is guaranteed a happy marriage if he weds a teacher. Only 20% of men who are married to policewomen, nurses, lawyers, politicians, or news presenters are content with their union, compared to 90% of men who are married to teachers. Therefore, unless a lady is a TEACHER, you should never marry someone with a different profession. Don't claim you weren't informed.

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