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Scandal| Jojo and his parents are having tough times in the family



The Khubekas are starting to experience difficulties these days due to the decision that they have taken in their business where they wanted to expand it and buy coins to make more profits, but it didn't go according to plan as they were expected because things have gone wrong.

But the person to be blamed is Dudu because she is the one that influenced her father to this business without noticing anyone into this family, and now they will have to accept the defeat that they have done wrong and no one will pay the fees that they have created on this family.

Jojo is the one that has saved the family from the embarrassment where he has used his savings to pay workers.

But it's still not enough because there is no trust between these people as they want more power in the business where Jojo wants to become the CEO.

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Jojo Khubekas


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