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What are the things MEN find unattractive but won’t tell WOMEN?

"What are the things MEN find unattractive but won’t tell WOMEN?" This was posted by a twitter user , I found this list or question relevant as sometimes as ladies, we do not know when to stop over sharing when we are dating.

Hers is a list of things that men find unattractive but won't easy tell women to stop:

1. A lady who is getting greeted by tons of nigga during the groove ko kasi. Like try by all means to know few male people as a girl.

2.Talking nonstop and this thing of asking for everything.

3.Groovist ! Smoking cigarettes, getting drunk !

4. Gold teeth

5. Knows everything on Twitter and instagram! The latest gossip etc !

6. Looks up to instagram girls as role models

7. Males friends and single friends

8. Modern Feminist

9. Can’t take accountability

10. Asking for money or sharing your family financial problems or anything that has to do with money in the early stages !

Here is what people had to say on Twitter:

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