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Opinion: 12 Categories Of People You Should Not Make Love With

As humans, we are expected to love only one person — our spouse. Not for singles, but for couples. As a result, you need to avoid falling in love with the following 12 types of people, both single and married.

 1. You must not agree to love a married man, no matter what he promises or says. You must respect his wife and yourself because he has a wife. Make every effort to avoid it.

 2. Never agree to have a romantic relationship with your boss. If the harassment is unbearable, quit your job and believe that God will give you a better chance. You do not have to please him to keep his job. Keep yourself clean.

 3. It is better to die than to have sex with people whom God has placed in your care as a counselor or pastor. Never, never, never use God's people.

 4. Do not fall in love with a married woman.

 5. Do not love your teachers. When it comes to results, sex is unknown. You are not one of them. By no means.

 6. If you are a marketer, you will never agree to sleep with a future customer just to meet your public goals. not at all!

 7. Do not have sex with your in-laws. No matter how hard he tries, if he or she continues to stay with you, let him go. I mean, tomorrow.

 8. Do not fall in love with a neighbor or a coworker. Neighbor is also a neighbor. A co-worker is a co-worker. Make your life as simple as possible.

 9. Don't fall in love with your platonic friend. If the relationship is no longer platonic, divide the matter.

 10. I believe that God created sex to be between a man and a woman. Avoid having sex with the same sex. God opposes homosexuality, and so do you.

 11. Do not love your brother or relatives. Genealogy is degrading. Try as much as possible to avoid this. Respect your brothers and sisters as much as you do yourself.

 12. Do not fall in love with your girlfriend. Do not have sex with your boyfriend. God did not create sex for love. He created it for marriage. Save your time God will help you. The only sex you should have is with your legally married partner.

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