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A man dresses like a woman to show equality between men and women


According to the way things are supposed to be, a man wear a pants while women wear skirts. This is the mentality we have been having since we were born. Unfortunately things took a turn when the relationship between same gender was allowed , allowing the person who acts as a wife even if he is man starts wearing dresses and all that.

Here is a man who have been wearing a skirt for over four years . According to him, he wanted to change the mentality that only women’s can wear their clothes and that men had to wear their own clothes as well. He says his wife has been supporting him ever since he embarked on this journey. The man rocks up at his workplace dressed In heels and skirts everyday . 

On comment sections there were people who  were saying that if this man was working in their companies they would have thrown him away and showed him the door. Others were supportive of him and saying that as long as he has support from his wife and family then who are they to judge. It is strange yes but each person have a right to dress on how they want to .

Please share your comments below . Let us know what you think about this man . Would you let your dad dress like this or your husband ?

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