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18 Foolish Things Ladies Do For The Sake Of Love.

This phenomenon of some girls or, let me say, most girls falling in love with a guy appearing to have lost their genuine senses is no longer a novel phenomenon.

Despite the fact that this may appear to be a harsh statement, it is the underlying truth that I believe we must reveal at some point in time.

However, this does not imply, either directly or indirectly, that all young ladies are discovered to be engaging in these behaviors while they are in love.

1) They are living with a man with whom they have not yet tied the knot.

2) Opening up about their secrets and pasts to a man they have yet to learn more about, that is, a man they have only recently met and hardly know.

3) Getting into a fight with another young lady because of a man.

4) Some ladies even jeopardize their educational opportunities because they desire to be with a man who is less concerned with them.

5) Some of them make a significant amount of sexual advances toward a man only because he has vowed to marry them.

It is true that some women may offer sexual favors to men recognizing that they will lose him if they do not; but, in the genuine sense, this demonstrates how cheap the woman is. A man who doesn't want to be kept is not kept by s3x, and vice versa.

6) Assuming the responsibilities of a launderer solely to demonstrate their affection for someone.

Seventh, they have become engaged with someone they cannot trust, most likely because he cheats.

8) Being attracted to someone because he is wealthy, attractive, or well-known. Although I am not arguing that one cannot love a person who possesses any of these characteristics, or even a combination of them, what I am saying is that they should never serve as the reason or the motivation for one's love for a particular individual.

9) Being in a relationship where you are aware that he dates other women but does not date you is a bad sign. It is, without a doubt, ridiculous. Someone with whom you are not legally married?

10) Preparing food for someone who has not paid for your bride or conducted any of the traditional procedures.

Continued involvement in an abusive relationship (number 11). A person who has not yet married you, or who has already married you, has no choice but to lay his hand on you, and in the case that he does, the door is always open for those who value their own lives.

12) When they are not married, they continue to live in the same house and, in most cases, the same room.

13. Some females are so fascinating that they end up getting themselves impregnated in the hope that once they are pregnant for the man, he would not abandon them despite the fact that he does not care for them.

14) Marrying a man who is significantly older than you. I believe that marrying someone who is as old as one's father should not be a conscious decision!

15) Forcing a man to marry them by crying and pleading with him. My sister, if a man isn't interested in you, accept it; there is nothing you can do about it (apart from praying).

16) Moving into a man's home to live with him (while they are still engaged) in the hopes that he will fall in love with her throughout the time they spend living together.

17) Dating a man for a long period of time, that is, more than one year, and feeling the need to learn everything they can about him. Is that a guarantee of a successful outcome?

18) donating their salaries, school fees, and even allowances in order to assist a man in celebrating his 18th birthday.

Ladies, please consider your actions before taking them.

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God's blessings on you.

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