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Don't allow him to fool you, 8 things men do when they want to end a relationship with ladies.

See 8 things men do when they want to end a relationship with a woman, so Don't allow them to fool you.

Certain signals occur in a relationship when the sentiments of love and affection have waned, yet some men are unsure how to stop a relationship with someone they no longer care about.

Men engage in a variety of behaviors when they are no longer in love with their spouses, which will be discussed in this article..

1. They make every effort to avoid spending time with you. 2. In order to avoid spending quality time with you, they will begin developing various types of excuses.

2. Secondly, when he takes offense at every little thing you do, even when there isn't any to take offense at you.

3. When he begins to remark that your physical characteristics do not complement his own physical characteristics; Observe his behavior and determine whether he is no longer interested in you.

4. He does not return your missed calls and also refuses to engage in conversation with you. It's safe to assume that if a man continues to act in this manner toward you, he has lost interest in being with you.

5. If he begins to compare your financial strength and physical characteristics to those of other women, you may be assured that he has lost interest in being with you. The

6. If he avoids being seen with you in public gatherings on a continuous basis, this indicates that he has lost interest in you and has most likely found someone else to share his time and attention.

7. When he continues to insult you and physically abuse you in every small disagreement, know that he has grown bored of being with you. Any man who truly loves you and wants to be with you would always take precautions to avoid harming you.

8. When he forgets crucial events in your life, such as your birthday and the day you met, it is safe to assume that he has lost interest in being with you.

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