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Ladies, If Your Boyfriend Does Any Of This, Do Not Bother Marrying Him

Dear Ladies, If Your Boyfriend Belongs To Any Of This Group, Do Not Bother Marrying Him

When it comes to picking a life mate, especially for women, extra caution is required. Men are more likely to meet a number of women during their lives, but women are less likely to do so before getting married. That is why they must exercise extreme caution when selecting a husband. If you're already dating and envision your partner as a prospective husband, keep an eye out for these warning flags that could jeopardize your future marriage.

1. Men who approach their woman with their hands raised

That's something you've probably overheard your female friend remark "If he's ever raised his hands at you before, he'll do it again. Leave him alone! ".. And that is exactly the case. Any man who raises his hand at a lady or beats up his girlfriend will keep doing so because he is a beast. Ladies, once you understand that once a guy attempts something for the first time, he will keep trying, you will avoid males who do nothing more than raise their arm in front of a woman. If your lover has ever slapped you, beaten you up, and then apologized, forget about the apologies, engagement ring, or marriage you're picturing in your head, and run for your life, because he will do it again, and you might not be able to survive it.

2. Men who are obnoxious to everyone except you

A man who has no respect for anyone but himself and his parents is impolite and disrespectful. It's not a big thing for him to treat you well. This is due to the fact that you are his girlfriend. But, you know why, if he is nasty to everyone else, young or elderly, colleagues or workers, he is not a husband material. Because he'll find you eventually. Disrespect will find its way to you, and as his wife, you may not like it. Especially if he shows his disdain for you in public.

3. Men who have no idea how to dress their women

A man who is always willing to give you money and whatever you ask for, but who will never share the secret of his success with you is unsuitable as a husband. Until you become a wife, you will never comprehend the meaning of "teach me how to fish." How much longer will you be begging for money? You'll want to go fishing for yourself at some point, and if your partner can't hook you up, he shouldn't be considered for marriage.

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