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Mseleku Is Playing The Sister Wives For Fools: Makhumalo Is Very Angry

It seems as though it has been tense in the Mseleku family for some time now, the spouses may need to acknowledge another situation and that is in case they will endure Mseleku's method of getting things done. It was referenced some time prior that there are matters that would compromise the advancement of the marriage and this incorporates the expansion of an another spouse. 

Individuals have shared their opinions regarding their opinion all in all thing, however this won't change the way that Mseleku has decided. 

It is very certain that Mseleku isn't quite so circumspect as certain individuals would have thought he was, individuals have seen this from the manner in which he treats MaKhumalo. What's more, this is for the most part about MaKhumalo on the grounds that Mseleku needs more youngsters, individuals know her circumstance. 

We can hardly comprehend how testing it is for the spouses to be in a polygamous marriage with Mseleku, he scarcely requests input from his wives. 

Taking another spouse is a choice that will influence his the wives, clearly, one would have expected that Mseleku would discover how they truly feel about this before he settled on the choice. However at that point once more, we don't have the foggiest idea how the Mselekus live, how they approach carrying on with their lives, we most likely don't comprehend them however much we figure we do. 

Also, one thing to observe is that, in case things were actually that awful, there presumably would have been reports at this point, guaranteeing that, at any rate, one of the spouses chose to leave the marriage. 

For MaKhumalo, it seems like she has continually attempted to go about as though she had everything sorted out, with the goal that it doesn't seem as though she is easing back the development of the family. In any case, she may have had enough of being dealt with unreasonably, as you may have effectively seen, she discovered that Mseleku is having an unsanctioned romance with a lady MaKhumalo. 

The individual who presumably educated her regarding this is MaCele, however from the vibe of things, it is more similar to MaKhumalo was the person who fit together the puzzle pieces to sort out what is happening. 

At first, MaCele was the person who was intended to educate MaKhumalo regarding their significant other's sweetheart who may before long be their sister spouse. 

MaCele and MaKhumalo had a gathering and what wound up happening was presumably somewhat surprising to the watchers, MaCele may have chosen not to meticulously describe the sweetheart issue, however it was past the point of no return in light of the fact that MaKhumalo needed greater foundation. 

Possibly MaKhumalo didn't get what she needed from MaCele, so she stood up and left, guaranteeing that MaCele was obviously stabbing her in the back. 

What is your take on this? Kindly offer your contemplations. Go to for additional on this. 


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