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After seeing this photo people now believe love exists. See why

The society is changing. Back in the day it used to be a taboo to see a younger man marrying an old woman but things have changed.

 Researchers have proved that people who get married when the male is younger than the female are actually happier than normal couples where the male is older than the female. Age is just a number after all.

 This picture has been trending on social media of a couple where the woman seems to be way older than the man. Although the man appears to be a child no one actually knows his real age looks can be deceiving after all. The fact is they look happy with each other and have embraced each other despite their age difference.

 However some people were of the opinion that the woman is taking advantage of the young man simply because he is too young but there is no proof of that for all we know they could actually be happy together.

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