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Zimbabwean man kills his girlfriend for turning down his marriage proposal

Do you remember the KFC proposal? It showed just how people love to be loved. 

Love can be a beautiful thing. It is the reason many people wake up in the morning fighting for a better life. 

But love can go awfully wrong when a marriage proposal is turned down. 

That was the case when a Zimbabwean man had his marriage proposal turned down. 

Vengesai Makura thought he had hit the jackpot when he won the heart of 35-year-old Pauline Chiware.

He could not wait for them to tie the knot and so he took it upon himself to ask for her hand in marriage. 

But he had another thing coming as Pauline warmly rejected his advances. She told him that she was not yet ready for marriage and this did not sit down well with him. 

The rejection caused the two to have a misunderstanding with Makura blaming Chiware for causing him to divorce his first wife and for wasting his time and money.

He then drank pesticide poison and armed himself with a log. He then went on a rampage attacking Chiware. 

Makura followed her and struck her once on the back and once on the forehead and she fell down.

She died from her injuries and hour later. Makura was immidiately arrested and he is currently in police custody. 


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