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7 Ways To Make A Man Think Of You Always

Does it occur to you that your guy is contemplating you at the moment? Almost every woman hopes the answer is yes, but even if it isn't, there are some things you can do to captivate your man's attention, regardless of how crazy his schedule is. There's nothing more revealing about your man's devotion than if he spends all of his time thinking about you.

You can do the following things to keep your man smitten with you:

1. Don't be there all the time. It's true what they say about not appreciating what you have until it's gone. If you want your partner to miss you, don't be everywhere all the time.

2. Do not immediately reply to his text. This will make him miss you since he will be forced to think about you.

3. Remind him of past romantic encounters or conversations you've shared together. This will jog his memory of those special times and make him long to be with you again.

4. Shower him with love and compliments. When you're with him, show him affection and respect by treating him like a valued member of your family. For this reason alone, he will be missing you.

5. Remember to have fun with your life and don't take yourself too seriously. Keep things light-hearted and fun with him, and you'll be able to make a lot of special memories together.

6. Send him a text message as soon as you wake up. One of the best methods to make your lover miss and think about you is to send him a romantic text message early in the morning or late at night.

7. Attend to his every word and gesture. Most men crave the same kind of attention from their women that women in love crave from their men. While a woman wants to make her guy miss and love her when she isn't there, she must be able to devote enough time and attention to him while they are together.

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