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A kiss from a lady will not make up.

A selected few men got a important, yet mostly undermined kiss in the morning from a woman without a makeup, who woke up before they do, to ensure that they are ready to go persue their dreams.

At a face value it looks like one of those ; "have a good day at the office "kind of gestures. But it is more than that; it is a vote of confidence, it a sacrifice of support, it is " please go nail it" weapon, it is a guarantee that someone will be waiting for you whether you win or loose, it is protective amor. Don't take for granted.

This simple amor disguised in a kiss, is way much better than the French kiss from a lady in stokings and makeup in at the office, who is an itern, with a intend to stalk you after you make out her make up.

I pray for the kiss from a woman without a makeup, who wakeup before me even without plans of her own. I pray not only for the kiss, but the woman too, that though without makeup, may God make her heart up.

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