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My friend invited me for lunch and his girlfriend is going to cook for us. Turns out I know the girl

Karen's male friend invited her for lunch. The friend 's girlfriend was cooking for them. When the guy introduced his girl, it turns out Karen knows the girl and her husband. She is cheating on her husband with Karen's friend. People told her to mind her business

"My friend invited me for lunch, his girlfriend is going to cook for us. It's the first time I met her because it's a long distance relationship and I stay out of people's business. When he introduced me to her she physically turned pale, turns out I know her and her husband. Don't ever trust my gender." She tweeted.

"When she's with your friend, she's a girlfriend. When she's at home, a wife. Don't mix up things Karen." Said @Ntje.

"Continue staying out of people's business and enjoy the food." Said @Tt.

"She left her husband at home just to be introduced as a girlfriend." Said @Neil.



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