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Skeem Saam: Mapitsi and Tbose's marriage might not survive the long distance, Here is the reason


Skeem Saam viewers were caught off guard when it was revealed that Tbose will taking a business proposal from overseas. We were expecting him and Mapitsi to focus on their marriage as a newly married couple considering that theynarw still in their honeymoon face. It must not be at all times where we try hard to make certain things happen. Marriage is important as work, however it some people are not willing to compromise.

The big question now is will their marriage survive thus long distance so soon, we don't understand how Tbose took this job just after a week of getting married. He and Mapitsi have a lot to plan together and this surely don't look good for their marriage. Compromising your career or certain opportunity because if a relationship is a difficult decision one gas to take, which is why in most cases people end up making the wrong decisions. Viewers feels that this job will cist Tbose his marriage with Mapitsi. She made her marriage the success and closed the door on her own face by risking the internship and now she's on her way to become a loner, while Tbose graps every opportunities that comes his way and brave enough to leave his newly wife and the son behind to follow his dreams.

What's so special about being raised in Tbose's family? Even when there were something, aren't we allowed to start their new life somewhere upon any conditions like this. If Tbose had left with Mapitsi then maybe their relationship could survive, but not seeing your new husband for months can make you think you made a wrong decision by getting married so soon. It seem getting married in the Maputla family comes with a lot of term and conditions, if Meiki did not intervene maybe Tbise would have left with his family to abroad.

  It seems when it comes to Pitsi Meiki and John will always make the final decisions regarding his life, its unfair that Mapitsi should be left behind in Turf while Tbose reaches for Hus dreams overseas. Compromising should be on both parties, but its seems Mapisti is the only one compromising in order for this relationship to work and it's only a matter if time before she realises that.

Viewers feels that some Skeem saam script aren't ending fairly, we don't need to realise later that certain decision we've made were actually mistakes only when our significant others act like we should have. Tbose is not ready to cross any paddle while Mapitsi crossed the ocean for him, it seems Magongwa has been so right about this family. They are very supportive to their sons when they go for their dreams, but can't do the same for their daughter in laws, Mokgadi left her career after getting married to Leeto and it seems like the same will happen to Mapitsi.

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