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OPINION: Nobody gets played like this kind of boyfriend

There are many people who get played in relationships but it does no happen to everyone. There are those who hardly find themselves in such situation because they know how to deal with a player or they have their own ways of preventing it. Others find themselves being played by every partner that they meet due to their character.

I believe that there is no one who gets played in relationships more than an understanding boyfriend. Dylan Buckley of defines an understanding boyfriend as that male partner who will always be willing to accept every situation and be receptive to learning more stuff about yourself and the ways that you operate. He says this kind of boyfriend will find happiness in supporting you on everything that you do.

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The disadvantage of being an understand boyfriend is that you are bound to being played by your partner. She will do things that you are not approval of knowing very well that you will understand if she formulates a concrete lie to cover up. An understanding boyfriend is easily defeated without even realising it. For him, everything seems right until the moment that the outcomes of being played starts showing up. She will not even try to control her moods on a count that he will understand. Imagine being with someone who is bothered by external stuff and then use her moods to shield herself because you will understand.

Another thing is that when an understanding boyfriend loses his cool, things tend to get messy and people will start calling him all sorts of names without knowing what exactly he had to deal with. This is something that he has no control of because when he loses his cool, it is actually his emotions that are getting better of him. It is sad because his reaction might put him in prison.

I saw a man saying that his friend has been admitted to a psych ward twice because of his girlfriend. Because the guy is an understanding type of a boyfriend, he went back to the same girlfriend. The friend says he could not do anything about this going back to his girlfriend because he has been telling him that the lady is toxic but he chose to be an understanding one.

I am not saying that being an understanding boyfriend is not a good thing, it surely is what relationships want but men should be careful of women they choose to give their all to.

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