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‘’Girls are into these guys now; they say 6 packs are old fashioned’’

Women are known for being to much choosey compared to man, they do not just agree to something, they first have to determine whether the choice they are going with is actually best for them or not. There are a lot of occasions where girls would spend time choosing what the really want, it could be the colour of their lipstick, the type of dress they want to wear or anything of that nature

There is also another thing that girls also show how choosey they are, and they show this when it comes to picking a guy to engage in a relationship with. Yes, all guys can engage in a relationship, but there are certain types of guys most girls have shown interest in. according to the tweet which was posted by someone, it state that most girls used to prefer guys with 6 packs

According to the tweet, it also state that things has changed and that girls prefer these types of guys nowadays

We can not be sure whether that’s the truth or not, but according to most of the replies from most ladies on social media, it almost look as if it is the truth

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