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Divorce Affair

After cheating on four men at once lady closed her eyes instead of explaining the truth


On Facebook a picture of a young lady from KZN left people in shock. After they realize that she was cheating on four men and later caught by four of them. It is alleged that they arranged to meet her, at one spot only to embarrass her publicly. One of them who is number five shot a picture. While the rest were waiting for her to lie to them in front of their eyes.

On the picture the boys seem to have discovered the truth that she is seeing all four of them using social media. This time she was never luck since the boys gathered to make a meeting, so that she gets embarassed for her actions.

On Facebook the picture got people talking after noticing that this is what ladies normally do when they need money. They would date more than one boyfriend at a go, in hopes to get cash from all directions.

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