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Husband and wife relationship

Sh0cking: Father-in-law did this after my husband died and it made me run away - Lady reveals


There is a lady who was married in her young age to a younger guy, she had to learn to do the house duties at her early ages and did not know much about marriage life and what is expected of her. And her father in law nearly took advantage of her after her husband died. The father wanted the young lady as his wife and this caused unrest to the young lady.

Esther revealed how her father in law planned to make her his new wife when her husband died. Esther claims she was married at a young age and had no prior marriage experience, citing a 21-year age difference between her and her hubby. but she did not allow it to happen, she stood her ground and ran from the father in law.

She had three children, and despite her late age, her husband took good care of her and the children, saying that she never went hungry while her spouse was alive. Esther's husband was shot, and everything spiraled out of control, to the point that she claims she was left with nothing and contemplated suicide.

No one came up for her husband's burial because his family broke out laughing when they saw his casket. After learning that her husband's family was planning to kill her, Esther's friends urged her to return to Nairobi. They couldn't leave her alone since they were scared, so they escorted her back to Nairobi.

When he arrived in Nairobi, he discovered her father-in-law lying on her matrimonial bed, where he informed her that she would be his new wife, an outrage that prompted Esther to flee with her children.

She claims that her husband's property were divided among family members, leaving her with nothing and threatening her and her children's lives.

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