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A 29 year old woman who cannot recognise A 29 year old woman who cannot recognise herself!

Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognising the person you are staring at. Thats every person's worst nightmare.

The Briefly website reported a story of a 21 year old woman from Russia known as Lena Ash, she is suffering from Prosopagnosia which is a condition that is very rare that makes you forget your face,or makes it hard for you to recognize yourself.

The young woman says that people find it rude when she just walks past them, and the reason being is she can't remember their faces. According to the website Lena uses a technique that is devised to recognise her face.

She says that she uses life hacks to recognise her face. She has a photo of herself in the mirror which makes it easier because she can tell by the features on her face that that is her.

She says that her husband to her looks totally different when he has no beard and she has to use voices in order to remember a person.

She also has a son who says she can remember him only when he shouts to her mum. And he also has a orange backpack that also assists her in remembering her son.She says a lot of people dont believe her when she tells them about her condition as it is very rare.

The condition has no cure or treatment.

Until next time keep safe.

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