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Mistakes That Kill Love After Getting Married

The affection and attention that a man and a woman have for one another makes the courting and engagement stages of a couple's relationship the most enjoyable times of their lives together. But soon after they got married, conflicts and difficulties started to arise between them, and now each of them is wondering what happened to all of this love after they got married.

Listed here are some of the most typical blunders made after marriage that put an end to love.


Apathy is one of the most significant contributors to the dimming of the radiance and allure that love formerly possessed in many marriages in today's society. This results in the divorce of the couple since their love for one another has diminished during the course of their marriage. Therefore, the two individuals involved shouldn't give in to lethargy and should be excited about rekindling their marital life and love to the greatest extent feasible.

Underestimating sentiments

The majority of men have a tendency to misjudge the feelings of their spouses, which can equate to criticism that is both offensive and cutting toward the wife. As well as smearing her reputation by disparaging her ideas or condemning her in front of her family, her friends, or even complete strangers at times.


Both the husband and the wife are bothered by the comparison because it causes the other party to feel inferiority, frustration, and a lack of appreciation. Additionally, it causes the other party to believe that he is not sufficient for the other party, which causes him to feel anxious and threatened in the relationship.

Include your loved ones, both near and far.

When there is a third person involved in a romantic or marital relationship, it ruins the connection and invades the couple's privacy. Specifically, conflicts and crises are likely to arise if the third party in question is the husband's or wife's family. It is only normal that a guy would prefer that his issues with his wife not be brought to the attention of others.

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