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Five signs that someone is using you

In this article, you are going to learn about signs that someone might be using you. I will help you identify people who are using you. It can be a family member, a friend, or a lover. I had an older brother whom I had to listen to all his problems. I had to listen to all his relationship Issues. I started to feel like his psychologist. I focused on him instead of focusing on myself. He was draining all my energy. He used me as an emotional punching bag. Here are the signs that you are being used without even realizing it.

1. They are emotionally unavailable

Emotionally unavailable people are insensitive. They lack empathy. These people only talk about themselves. They never listen to you. What you have to say or how you feel doesn't matter to them.

2. They only engage with you when they want something from you

This can be a family member or a colleague. These people don't care about you. They only talk to you when they want something from you. It can be money or favor. This is where you just have to say no. You cannot allow yourself to be dormant. You need to have a backbone.

3. They change their personality

They fake being nice so that they can get something from you. If you know someone mean and they suddenly change their personality. It's because they want something from you. They see you as a weak person they can take advantage of.

4. You are an alias on their phone

This means that they don't use your real name to save your phone number. This is because they are hiding you from someone else. This happens a lot to people who have multiple partners.

5. They never introduce you to their family or friends

This is because they have no plans with you. If you are a person who wants to settle down, then you chose the wrong person. This person doesn't take you seriously.

Now it's time to hear from you. Did I miss out on any sign that someone might be using you? Please leave a comment on the comments section below

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