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A man threatens to do this shocking thing after seeing this pic

It's always important for parents to accept their kids the way they are. Yes, it's not easy for parents to accept other things like the choices that their kids make, but the reason why we have kids who decide to keep quiet about a sensetive matters is parents respond harshly to the matters their kids go through. That's why we have kids living a lie just to please their parents as they scared to be judged, disowned or rejected by their parents.

It's shocking that we still have people who havent accepted guy gays who still think it's wrong for a man to date another man. And because of that gay guys are being killed out there because of the choices they made of dating people of their choice. And the hate that other people have towards gays it's too much to a point that some people don't even hide it.

And this was proven after a gay guy shared a picture of himself and his partner on social media which was followed by a shocking comment from a man on social media. as the person wrote that he would kill his son if he found out his gay.

These kinds of comments are scary, and it's people like this who must be reported because you can't come on social media and make such threats, because no one knows what they are thinking if they are alone. Already we have gay guys who have been killed because of being unique.

It's wrong to even think it's ok to kill someone for the choices they make. These kinds of people don't belong in the community they could be arrested as they are a threat To lesbian's and gays' lives. Lesbians and gays are also human beings and they deserve to be loved like any other person. Not to be killed like animals.

These people should stop being judgemental no one deserves to be treated like this, the sooner they accept them the better even this killing will stop.

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