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OPINION |Why does it end in tears after a baby is born? Look at Simz Ngema, Pearl Modiadie and Ntando Duma

If there is something that is making the world to become a mess, it's romantic relationship(s). Relationships can mess up your life and you find yourself suffering from depression. Why does it end there if we claim that we love each other? Why does it have to hurt so much if the intentions are pure? 'Mjolo' does not respect your title, it can mess with your life even though you are rich, even though you are the most beautiful girl in your surbub, that's how cruel it can be.

Limpopo musician Makhadzi released two songs about mjolo on her recent album #African Queen, Ghanama and Mjolo. On Mjolo featuring Mlindo The vocalist, Makhadzi was saying that when she was young she faked being in love when she was playing with other kids only to find out that in real life, love hurts. On Ghanama she was complaining about her love-life. People love the two songs because they can relate. Many people have been heartbroken at some point in romantic relationships. 

The sad part of it is when the relationship start showing you flames just after a baby has been introduced. This may happen because a baby is another responsibility that will not only demand financial support but emotional and physical availability of both parents. Not every parent, especially a father can sacrifice so much for their children. 

Simphiwe Ngema, Ntando Duma and Pearl Modiadie are celebrities whose relationships with their baby daddies ended after a baby was born. No woman wants to raise her children as a single mother but life circumstances force them to. As much as they love to see their children growing in a healthy family they would not force to stay when things are not going well because that may traumatize the children. 

Pearl Modiadie separated with her baby daddy three months after her son was born. They are co-parenting very well and they recently celebrated their son's first birthday together, to show him love. Simz Ngema announced separation from her baby daddy few weeks back and she's also co-parenting with Tino the baby daddy. The truth is that no woman thinks about Co-parenting when they plan to have children , they all dream to raise their children in a happy family with both parents but life forces them to turn to co-parenting. 

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