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Husband and wife relationship

" I love my husband so much but let me tell you, marriage ain't it"

A married woman caused a stir on Twitter after posting and wrote on her caption that she loves her husband so much but marriage ain't it and she does not recommend or encourage it . You're better off alone. 

People had mixed reactions concerning her Tweet. On the comment section it seems like people were not happy about her statement. They replied and said that nobody is stopping her from leaving that marriage some of them will gladly take over .Others felt like she is disrespecting her husband. Others were curious to know why she is still with him if she feels that way or does her post implies that she regrets being married?. People are being discouraged everyday from getting married , if you want to do so do it and experience it yourself.

"Marriage is a system designed to please men, most married women feel the way your feeling my dear, there is nothing wrong with your tweet" Nkhumeleni replied.


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