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Love or money? Cute girl at the age of 21 dating 68 year old rich man

Dear readers today our focus is on the couple that has an extreme huge age gap of 47 years. True love and gold digging is an argument that will probably go on for many years because we come across such incidents everyday, where a girl dates a man for money with absolutely no boundaries. But the story of today will rock you and you will be the judge of the story to whether this relationship is stable because of money or love.

Ladies and gentlemen please meet Mr Ndlovu and Tanisha. Tanisha who recently turned 21 on the 24th of September found herself being allegedly in love with the 68 year old man Mr Ndlovu(Born 1953, 11 November).

However just like any love story there is a setting and for this one it is kind of interesting. Tanisha who completed her matric in 2020 by obtaining a diploma couldn't get herself admission at varsity in the following year so she decided to rather get a job at a hotel instead of going back to school or taking a gap year for nothing. It was a very good choice as it meant she would be gaining experience in the world of work.

Everything in the world of work was good for Tanisha until the 16th of June when a rich wealthy old man booked a hotel room and she was the one directed to service the man. Things must've heated up as she was servicing the man because when he checked out of the hotel after his 2 weeks stay he left with what is allegedly the love of his life.

The couple has been causing a steer on social media and people have been on their back because they believe that Tanisha is a gold digger and she's only using Mr Ndlovu for money.

This story is so intriguing because over the years people have embraced the theory of saying "Age is just a number when it comes to love" but it seems like the theory doesn't apply if one is rich.

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