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5 Signs That Shows She Genuinely Loves You

Many actually mean complaining that their wives are cheating on them with other men. Women who enter into relationships are in fact increasingly rare.

Most relationships break down because love is not genuine.

Here are some things that you observe here and there, to know if a lady really likes you or not. There are many ways to find out if their love for you is genuine.

Take a look at these things below, they are:

1. She listens to you even if you are very upset

When a woman decides to listen to you even when you are upset, it is a sign of genuine love. She will never leave you and will want to listen to your words. She will also try to listen to you in the best possible way. Not the one who will take charge of you every time you get upset and even take advantage of the situation.

2. She doesn't get jealous unnecessarily

A woman who has genuine love for you will not be unnecessarily jealous. She doesn't feel jealous of your accomplishments, or even when you're with friends, she isn't threatened. Jealous women can kill if love is not genuine. Actually, you have to get rid of them because they can destroy a lot of things. A woman who is not jealous is a woman who will never stop loving you.

3 she keeps her promises

How to tell if a woman has true love for you is if she keeps her promises. It is actually an indicator of a woman who is dedicated to her relationship. The moment a woman breaks her promise is a sign of lack of commitment and she might stop loving you.

4. When she is aware of your condition

A woman who truly loves you will always be aware of your condition. Not all women are aware, they are right after your money. She can even do all the work and let you rest whenever you are not feeling well. She's ready to cancel all of her engagements to make sure you're okay. A woman who is very attentive to your state of health is a woman who is seriously committed to the relationship.

5. She accepts your little mistakes.

A woman who has genuine love for you will surely accept the little flaws you make as a man. She doesn't easily get angry when you make mistakes or when your weakness arises. She never tires of answering your silly questions.

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