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Keep the spark in your relationship

Keep the spark in your relationship

Firstly it will never get boring to be around a person you truly adore. These next relationship hacks are for couples who are together and want to stay together but since forever is quite a long time they've run out of fun ways to stay connected.

Your intercourse life should be yours(don't tell the whole world) only but inventory, experimental and freaky. Never be afraid to tell your partner about a new style you heard of or would like to try. 

Create memories together, date nights, couple camps, movies, picnics even car dates just as long as it's just the 2 of you. Travel together

Have meetings. Strike serious conversations, plan the future always have something to look forward to.

It's the little things that keep the spark in a relationship even a walk down road or being each other's gym parti. Gift's flowers and vacations are mandatory yes even men love spoils too.

Meet each other's friends. Read the same books go to the same places try new foods together to have things to talk about.

Have cute Nick names for each that only the both of you know of. Be each other's safe place but you already know this.

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