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A man called a TLB to demolish the house he built for his girlfriend after she dumped him, fair?

People have different ways of showing love but it's building a house for your girlfriend not too much? A man recently built a house for his girlfriend as things were going too well for them. He said many of his family members tried to warn him but he was so much in love with a girl that he didn't want to listen. After living in that house for few months she started being rude to him and telling him that he was not her type and you should move out of her house. The man decides to move out of that house but he had plans to get back at her for what she did. He decided to hire a TLB and demolish the house to the ground. many people felt it was stupid of him to demolish the house he should have rather sell it to someone. What do you think of this situation? Do you think you did the right thing and if you ever find yourself in such a situation what would you do will you go and get the boyfriend arrested or you just say it's karma. Please leave a comment below and Express your opinion regarding this situation.


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