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Are you matured enough to date someone with a child?

Children are almost the priority in a parent's life. Any person who decides to date a person with a child needs to appreciate that they will always be second to the needs of the child. So if the child is crying or has an emergency you can't just tell the parent to ignore it or delay their attention.

Also, in most cases you as the partner will be expected to be a parent to the child. This is the part that is often problematic for couples, especially when the parenting becomes financial. Some people feel their relationship should be limited to the parent as the child probably has a second parent already. Some people prefer not to date a person with a child to begin with.

A woman wondered if people were ready for such a responsibility on Twitter. Check out how people responded:

Some believed that maturity was used to guilt people into accepting their luggage while others felt the question is not a matter of maturity but personal preferences. Others had no problem with their partner having a child.

To each their own.

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