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My high school girlfriend was pregnant and this is how I found out (see WhatsApp chats)

It's really sad to see that, even though many high school student relationships are always fun and games at first, women always pay the highest price in most relationships. Unforeseen and unplanned. Unexpected pregnancy in the relationship, and as a father, he has the option of simply terminating the relationship.

The saddest part is that girls are now aware of the types of behaviors that can lead to this situation. They don't appear to have learned from others, even when they should have, because we learn from others' mistakes in life, but they don't appear to have done so, and they continue to make the same mistakes.

Let me quickly go over some WhatsApp chat records to show you how an eighth-grade student learned she was pregnant and cried.

Take a look at the conversation history below.

I'm pretty sure I can see from the chat log provided above that the so-called boyfriend chose the quickest way out for what they did to Wings, which is impossible and unfair for this young lady. As sisters and parents. Let us all go have more intimate conversations with our young ladies because the number of teenage pregnancies is increasing every day.

Although this is a concept for avoiding school, it appears to be reasonable. is insufficient. Let us begin to understand, as parents, sisters, aunts, and others, that preventing teenagers from having intimacy is a different battle altogether. We can put an end to teenage pregnancy now that we are opposed to it, but we must first provide our teenagers with adequate information and knowledge.

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