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20 pictures of women who are muscular like men

Men do not possess masculinity. Women and non-binary people have the same right to masculinity as men in terms of behavior, appearance, and attitude.

Butches, daddys, zaddys, studs, stems, and masc femmes abound in my life, particularly as a gay person (and, evidently, as a soft butch). These women love and wear their masculinity with pride, but they confront misgendering, street harassment, and endless assumptions from strangers. It takes courage to show yourself as a man in a world where women are still expected to dress like the little triangle-skirted emblem on toilet doors.

As a result, feeling comfortable expressing your masc side as a woman can take some time. It can be a long and winding road. We typically associate the sensation of disconnection between one's inner and exterior selves with transgender persons, but you don't have to be transgender to experience it.

We all want a synergy between how we feel and how we look, but as a society, we continue to police people in their pursuit of it; if the way they want to dress doesn't conform to what we deem cool within a subculture or social group, say, or appropriate within an institution, or if someone's appearance doesn't match what we perceive to be their gender.

When I meet Flo for our interview, she tells me that the day before, she looked up masculinity in the dictionary: “It says it means qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men.” ‘Where does that put you?’, I ask, as she sits in front of me, knees apart, in suit trousers, a belt and a white ribbed vest that reveals her armpit hair. She’s wearing no make-up, has a strong bone structure and her hair is slicked back to show it off. “I don’t know,” she says,“because I borrowed a lot of inspiration from my dad. When I was growing up, he wore a suit to work every day. I looked at him and his suits, his ties, his garter, his shoes and his jewellery and realised, ‘that’s what I like’.”

A few weeks after meeting Flo, I speak with Emily, who has such a masculine demeanor that she is frequently mistaken for a man, particularly when using women's public restrooms, where she is frequently told she is in the wrong place. "The last time I wore a dress and heels was at a wedding when I was 15," she recalls. My mother recalls it as a very terrible day because I was crying the entire time. I was quite uneasy, but I couldn't figure out why. I literally moved to London six months later, shaved all my hair off, and entirely transformed my appearance in that time, which frightened my parents, but for the first time I felt normal.”


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