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The reason man get a side chick in marriage

Side chicks have been there for centuries. Our fore fore fathers dealt with them and even in this generation we are dealing with them, now it's even fashion. In the olden days, when a man messes up, especially in African culture, it wasn't an offense for him to marry that side chick as one of his wives. The difference between then and now is that, our forefathers had responsible affairs. If they impregnate someone outside marriage, they will introduce those kids officially to the family after some time.

Again our old people would not die with such secrets. They would say it all, how they cheated and end up having children outside. I think this generation can learn from that, such things should be discussed in marriage and don't wait to be caught first.

There are different reasons why man end up cheating with a side chick.

*lack of good intimacy, probably when you are deprived

*revenge, maybe she cheated you and you haven't fully forgiven her

*it could be that she is not what she pretended to be before you move in with her.

*things that can turn you off, most of the times, hyginically related

*she maybe overprotective and jelousy to a point of suffocating you.

Ever heard of the saying: To live with a man, you should let him be a man; and to live with a black man, you should let him have his side dish? Not many women get flattered by that statement. But the important thing is that whether you allow them or not, a majority of men will have a mpango wa kando.

Women, I suggest you read Psalms 29:11: “Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…” It seems like all men have been afflicted by the side chick plague, that even prayers have little effect. My advice is that we accept this bitter-sweet reality, because as things stand, we’re going to deal with the mpango wa kando for a long time to come.

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