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How to deal with your partner when he/she on spiritual journey(opinion)

People need to know that it is not difficult to date a person that have the gift of being a traditional healer, you need to understand that the person is under the control of the ancestors therefore you need to respect him/her

when you're respecting her your respecting the ancestors, traditional healers have a stronge connection with the ancestors, the spirit of the ancestors leave in their bodies

they must able to control the emotions of the ancestors and their emotions, sometimes they need to be alone, ancestors send them a mission to go and find certain medicine to heal people

ancestors are able to choose partner for the traditional healers, they will choose the one that they know he will understand and respect the ancestors

Ancestors are the one that call a person to become traditional healer , in order for a person to become a traditional healer, he must undergo the training to become a traditional healer

Many people are scared of dating the traditional healers, because of different reasons

When you're dating a traditional healer, you must understand that the most part of their life is controlled by the ancestors

immediately they become the traditional healers, their ancestors will make them avoid many things like attending parties

According to a study shows that many traditional healers, loses their partners in a process of becoming the traditional healer , some after they finish the training

because some of traditional healers their ancestors choses partners for them, other don't understand the training of becoming the traditional healer

A person that is on spiritual journey need a support, you need to accept that they will see things that you can't see

You must decide that you're fine to be a wife or husband of a traditional healer

Sources Mr bheki/Mr mavuka umsamo institute

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )


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