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She shared a photo of her neck but Mzansi noticed something

She shared a photo of her neck but Mzansi noticed something else:

- When love is involved, people can do the craziest things possible. Some of this things could lead one of them to be hurt. This is something that happens when 2 people are in a relationship and they're crazy about each other.

- A woman recently shared a photo of herself on twitter and people noticed a bruise on her neck. Which left many questioning what had happened. The bruise was huge and scary at the same time. The young couple of today came out to call it a Love bite.

A love bite is a bruise or bruise like mark caused by kissing or sucking skin, usually on the neck, arm, or earlobe. This then leaves with one with a bruise on the particular place they were sucked at. Here is the photo of the young women's neck bruise.

A lot of people weren't on to say, The love bite is harmful and it's not Painful, and although some say it's not harmful and Painful some twitter users went on to say they wouldn't want they're partner to do such a thing on they're necks. Here are some of the comments by twitter users:

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