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Sh0king: A guy found his woman cheating at the groove but still asked to marry her. See Reaction

There is a phrase that says "love is blind" I never thought these words really apply to people's lives until I saw this guy engaging his girlfriend while she was dancing and being cozy with another guy.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of @steveabbey was shocked when he shared the video of the guy who is blinded by love and he captioned it "Somebody explains to me what is going on here 🤔."

Watching the video, the lover boy arrived at the groove, and he went straight to where his girlfriend was, unfortunate the girl was busy having fun with another man, and they were all dancing, holding each other waist.

The guy didn't mind all that his woman was doing instead he kneed down and asked his girl to marry him, the girlfriend laughed and didn't know what to do while she was still in another's arms, then suddenly the guy who was holding her pushed her to the main, that's when she said yes.

The guy put the ring on, they hugged and kiss each other celebrating the next step of their relationship and the side guy joined in and hugged them, this is funny. The people around them seemed shocked at what just happened in front of them.

Some people like to embarrass themselves when they see some stuff are necessary to do, promising to marry someone who is involved with other people will cause a problem in their relationship.


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