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In sh0ck: Check out what happened to a guy who locked himself in the bathroom while home alone

Wonders never seize to happen in this day and age. People do things in a way that is questionable. And end up having difficulty getting themselves out of those sticky situations.

A guy took to twitter that he just got himself looked up in a bathroom at his home. What made things worse was that he was left home alone, so there was literally no one he could call to help with opening the looked bathroom door. And he also mentioned that there was no spare key, so basically he was doomed.

People were asking themselves the same question about what he did, they didn't understand why on earth would anyone consider locking themselves in a bathroom at their own home while there was no one in the house for that matter. However he explained to everyone how he was just being conscious because there were instances where kids would run into the bathroom without even knocking on the door. So he was trying to avoid such incidents. See more of people's comments down below;

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