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6 Important Things A Woman Looks Out For In A Man

Before a woman will date you, she will check that you meet some standards. A man's physical appearance can attract a woman, but if he is not mature, confident, and emotionally stable, it can reject him. Things women look for in a man.

1.A man who is not easy to convince: Women do not like men who accept manipulative behaviour from others. This guy can't say "no" because he doesn't want a conflict. If a woman sees that you are easy prey, she may reject you. A woman wants you to assert yourself and do what you want.

2. An economically stable man: We may think that money doesn't matter, but a healthy relationship is important. A woman wants to know if you have a well-paying job or if you still have financial difficulties.

3.A man who is respected by others: If others do not respect you, they may think that something is wrong somewhere. So that people respect you, respect others and yourself.

4. Confidence: This is one of the most attractive qualities women look for in a man. Women want a man who has the inner strength to do what he wants. A confident man doesn't need external approval.

5. A man with a sense of humour: Women like men who can make them laugh. Having a sense of humour means not taking life too seriously. A woman wants a man who is fun to be with.

6. A man who values their opinions. Everyone wants to take part in matters that affect their relationship. A guys who discuss his marital problems with his mother, instead of her partner, is considered a looser and women tend to avoid him. Both partners must share arguments in order to build a family. Without arguments, it is impossible to build a family with your partner. Take Note!

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