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She Humilated Him And Left Him In Shame After He Asked For Her Hand In Marriage, See Why She Did It

It's a shame that some people these days build relationships just to enjoy mutual material benefits without much consideration for their partners' feelings. A photo of a young man who was publicly embarrassed after his girlfriend refused to propose Facebook. According to details shared by Blessings Ramona on Facebook at 

, the woman said he was playing games unemployed. 

In a video also shared on Facebook, she could be heard saying "what are you trying to prove, your friends are busy getting jobs and you're here." He spoke with him in their local dialect. 

She left him kneeling in shame and disappointment after she rejected his proposal.

Although details about how long their relationship were not provided, it was surprising to see that the woman only found him unemployed when he proposed to her. 

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While many entered into relationships for the benefit of each other and played games, the young man went into a relationship with the young woman to build his future with her. your advice on this guy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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