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" What A Beautiful Love Story". These Kinds Of Relationships Still Exist In 2022?

Do not ever let people tell you that true love doesn't exist because it does, marriage too. Divorce rate is high in South Africa. Marriages fall apart left right and centre, but it doesn't mean that true love or long lasting marriages do not exist. People who have been in several number of failed marriages often say marriages are hard, but what is astounding is that other people still make their marriages work.

Mandisa Dandala recently got married to someone whom she has deep affinity for. She met him when she was still doing grade 9 and even today they are still together and enjoying each other's company. According to Mandisa, her husband is her first crush, first kiss and first intimacy. This means Mandisa was still a virgin when she met her husband.

In a relationship or marriage, two people have to compromise and make sacrifices. Bear in mind that "it takes two tango". If you are in love with a person who brings out the best in you, you won't even see a need to cheat. Breaking up with that person will be the last thing on your mind too.

People need to normalize talking about things that their partners do, things that do not sit well with them if they want to make their relationships or marriages work.

Communication is the key to a healthy marriage. Also note that infidelities and keeping too many secrets can ruin a marriage. Just because your friends are cheating or keeping too many secrets from their partners doesn't mean you should also adapt to that. Sometimes what your friends are going through is not what you are going through. Never mess the good thing that you have by pleasing people who won't be there when you go through the most.

Your best friend should be your husband.

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