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Checkout these 5 Things a lady Keeps Doing After Break-up That shows She Still Loves You.

Most women stage a breakup in order to grab a man's attention and have him love, care for, and show them that they are not wasting their time with them, but most men fail to notice the writing on the wall and lose the female completely. I'll describe what ladies do after they break up with you to show that they still want you in their lives in this essay. 

You're probably aware that in most relationships, women consider themselves to be the most vulnerable. As a result, they may create a split in order to attract your attention. You can't blame them; all they want is to be unconditionally loved, cared for, and adored. They don't want you to climb Kilimanjaro or Everest in their honor; all they want is for you to adore them. 

As a compassionate man, you should be able to love your girlfriend as much as she loves you, offer her your time, and make her feel at peace with you at all times. Following are some actions that women take after a breakup to show they are still in love with you or want you in their lives. 


When a woman breaks up with you and wants you to stay in her life or believe she still loves you, she will wonder why you are alright with the breakup. So you want to split up with her, and that's why you didn't bother pleading with her to stay in the relationship, she'll say. 

Just remember that she is still in love with you if she starts acting or saying things like that. 


She continues to call you every morning after she breaks up with you under the excuse of wanting to check in. Just remember that she's still head over heels in love with you. 

Girls who have lost interest in you will never call or dial your phone number again. 


When she breaks up with you but still wants to know if you're dating anybody else, remember that she still loves you and would appreciate it if you came to beg her. 

She will not want to beg you since she does not want to appear cheap in your eyes. 


She'll also want to hang out with you if she still wants you in her life, even if it's only as close pals. Don't worry about her; she's still smitten with you and won't let you go. She merely wants you to show her more affection. 

She'll still want to spend as much time with you as a friend as possible. 


Finally, she will insist that you continue to call her. She'll tell you things like, "We're not enemies, and the two of you can still be friends." 

If you don't contact her, she'll accuse you of having already called another women, despite the fact that she was the one who ended your relationship. 

All of this is to demonstrate that she does not want you to leave, but rather that she wants you to love her more, so please do so.

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