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Valentine came early for a young lady who received an iPhone hidden inside a cake from her boyfriend


These days people don't even wait to shower each other with gifts on Valentine day. When time approaches couples starts giving each other gifts to bring happiness while there is still enough time to celebrate the coming month of February.

A young lady received a gift she never expected from her boyfriend during a normal day. It is alleged that her boyfriend after sending out the gift he wrote a piece of note indicating that his queen should celebrate while there is time to smile. Man revealed that death is not promised the only time to celebrate their love was no other day than this day he said.

Photo credit: Facebook

The video was shared on social media, the girl got a beautiful cake for her special day. But when she cut into it, she realised that her man had put a brand new iPhone inside the cake keeping it a surprise to her.

Trick most men fail to give to their partners even when they have stable jobs.

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