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‘See the Best Age Difference To Make A Lasting Relationship, According To Scientists

For some, age is only a number with no bearing on relationships. They are solely devoted to the concept of love. However, according to scientists, this is not the case. Scientists have looked into how ages might influence the length of a relationship. 

There is a link between age difference and relationship length, according to research conducted by Emory University in Atlanta. The age difference between the couples can also be used to estimate the duration of a relationship. Take a look at the scientists' conclusions after the jump. 

1. Gaps of a year 

When a couple's children are born within a year of one other, this is known as a twin pregnancy. This is the longest-lasting relationship, with only a 3% probability of breaking up. 

2. Gaps of up to five years 

The divorce rate for couples with a five-year age difference is 18 percent. Couples should still use it. 

3. Gaps of ten years 

This type of age gap in a relationship is quite frequent nowadays, especially among celebrities. This partnership has a 39 percent divorce rate. 

4. Gaps of more than a decade. 

If you and your partner have a 20-year age difference, you're more likely to divorce. Relationships with such a large age gap have traditionally been thought to be the most likely to end in divorce. It has a 95% divorce rate. Being in such a relationship is quite dangerous. 


It's possible that the aforementioned hypothesis does not apply to all people. Don't be concerned if you're dating someone who is younger or older than you. Mutual respect, feelings, affection, comfort, and understanding are the most crucial aspects of a partnership. You don't need to worry if your relationship possesses these qualities. is a website dedicated to spreading positivity. 

Do you believe that the age gap might affect the success and longevity of a relationship? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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