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'This Tribe hardly kills/eats Cows, see what they do to Men when they want to get married.

Africa is a fortunate continent, teeming with people of various beliefs, cultures, and traditions. You will never learn about another person's beliefs until you are close to them. The customs observed at marriage festivals and other types of festivals vary by tribe.

In today's essay, I'll share with you the history of an African tribe that placed a great premium on cows. To them, cows are as important as gold and money and should therefore be preserved rather than consumed.

When many people think of cow valuation, they think of the Fulani people. This is because they are mostly viewed as a tribe that herds cattle and then sells them to purchasers once they have gained weight.

However, in today's post, I will not discuss the Fulani ethnic group; rather, I will focus on a tribe that regards cows as the equivalent of bride money.

Meet The Kenyan Pokot Tribe

The majority of Pokot are cattle herders or farmers, although approximately a quarter cultivate crops, primarily maize. While some of them cultivate crops, they place a higher premium on cows because they are what define a Pokot man's wealth. In Nigeria, the saying used to be, "If you don't have money, conceal your face." However, for the Pokot people, it must undoubtedly be "If you do not have a cow, conceal your face."

For example, a guy who owns four cows is regarded wealthier than a man who owns three cows, even if the man with three cows owns other valuable goods that the man with four cows does not. Strange, isn't it? The Pokot are referred to as "corn people" or "cow people" based on the crops they grow on their territory.

What They Do To A Man Who Wants To Get Married?

Cows are bartered and exchanged when a guy wishes to marry a Pokot woman. He offers a cow in exchange for a wife. This transaction would be included in the bride's "wealth." The Pokot Tribe allows a guy to marry as many wives as he wants as long as he has a sufficient number of cows.

That is, one cow per head; therefore, if he requires ten wives, he would offer the family ten cows in return for their hands in marriage.

Why Do They Almost Never Eat Or Kill Cows?

Cows, like money and gold, are highly valued by the Pokot. They seldom butchered their cows for meat, according to studies, because they felt the animals were more value alive. Their cows are frequently referred to as the "Cow of Life" due to the high regard they accorded them.

Cattle were also used to provide milk, butter, and cheese. The Pokot people are not sarcastic about their diet.

What Do They Stand For?

The Pokot believe in Tororot, an all-powerful deity to whom they pay prayers and libations throughout a variety of tribal rituals and dances directed by Pokot elders.

Additionally, the Pokot Tribe believes that diviners exist whose purpose it is to preserve the community's spiritual equilibrium.

The Pokot are superstitious and believe in sorcery, and they rely on a variety of protective talismans to fend off any sorcerers' ill intent.

Additionally, the Pokot pay homage to other deities such as the sun, moon, and the spirit of death. They are one of Africa's most dreaded tribes. I'm sure you have something to say about this notion; kindly share your opinions.

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