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Heart-breaking: A lady reveals how her mother hates her in favour of her married sister

Benjamin Franklin said, "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." The best way for our parents to teach us is by involving us in everything that they want us to learn.

Some people can give us a true definition of being hated by their own parents because they have been there. Those who grow up to become good parents are mostly people who were groomed by bad parents, and that is because they have learnt what being a parent can do to a child.

A lady called Siphokazi revealed how she is unfairly treated by her own mother. The sad part is that she is living under a same roof with her and she is not getting the same treatment from her as other kids.

She says her older sister is the one who actually knows how it feels like to have a loving mother even though they all come from the same womb. Siphokazi says her mother used to compare her to adults while she was young, and to this day, she does not have a strong relationship with her.

She remembers the incident she returned to University, even though her bursary had not paid the outstanding fee. She says her mother gave her some cash, but she would often call her to find out if the bursary had paid or not. When she heard that Siphokazi's bursary had came through, the mother asked her to pay back the money she gave her. She asked Siphokazi to deposit the money direct to her older sister who is married and living with her husband.

Siphokazi says her mother supports her older sister with her husband instead of those who are still trying to find their feet. She says her married sister does not need to pay her back if she gives her the money.

She prays that one day she can learn to forgive her mother for all the things she has done to her. She says things are even worse now that she is done with school and spends every day at home.

I think Siphokazi's mother is not the kind of woman who wanted to have more than one child. The fact that she only loves and supports her eldest daughter shows that she is not able to balance her love for the children she gave birth to. Siphokazi should focus on finding a job and move out of her mother's house.

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